SOS Cat is a 100% non-profit, non governmental organization established in March 2014. in Zagreb, Croatia as one of the first NGO’s in Croatia established exclusevly to help abandoned, abused, injured and sick feral and stray cats in our city. Our registered number is 21010875. S.O.S. Cat is run by like-minded professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help save the lives of cats.


Our main goal is to reduce the number of abandoned, abused, injured, sick feral and stray cats in our city. In addition, we need to raise awerness about this problem and erradicate the general prejudice that cats are pests or carriers of diseases which is often a common belief here. This misbelief is the main reason why we have many cases of abusing and poisoning cats. (Please note that Zagreb is capital of Croatia and about 20% of Croatia population lives in Zagreb.)


  1. Fostering abandoned, sick and injured
  2. TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) and TNA (Trap-Neuter-Adopt)
  3. Providing medical/vetarinarian aid to sick abanded stray cats and ferals
  4. Caring for city’s cat colonies
    • In our city there are several cat colonies that we look after. Cats, mostly feral, but also stray cats are left in these colonies by their previous owners. Those cat colonies are specific as they are located near heavy traffic or surounded by people who don’t like them. This is why these cats there live in sad conditions, sometimes they suffer from various injuries and diseases. Sometimes people who live there try to poison them. People tend to forget that cats are there because of their mess and their garbage – which attracts rats and cats catch rats. In fact, cats are doing the good thing for them but too many people see them as dissease carriers.
  5. Spaying and neutering
    • We spay and neuter abandoned and stray cats. People tend to think that spay/neutered cats don’t behave as before the procedure. Because of that attitude, we have many problems with so called „owners“, because they contact us and ask us to adopt their kittens. Unfortunately – we do not have a cat shelter, we are a foster based organization, meaning our fosters/memebers/volunteers are flooded with cats in their own homes.
  6. Finding “forewer” homes for homeless cats
    • Once we provide them with vet treatment we do our best to find homes for abandoned and stray cats. We do this through our web site and through social media (mainly Facebook) where we advertise each cat individually. We also check future owners for any bad behavior history and conditions of living before giving the cat for adoption.Sometimes we find that interested people are not the best solution for our cats. Rarely, but it happens.
  7. Educating our volunteers and supporters in helping cats


In the year 2015 just the costs of various veterinarian treatments like amputation and cancer treatments were almost 4000€. Expenses for food, litter, transporters, gasoline etc are not included in this number.

Sadly, we don’t get any kind of help from local government.

Our financing depends our members, volunteers and contributions from people who care about cats and animals in general. Yearly membership fee is 13 Euros.


We want to continue and expand with activities, but the lack of funds slows us down and makes our work extremely difficult. Other problems are lack of volunteers and equipment, right now we have only two cat traps and two volunteers educated in cat trapping. We need funds to reach and educate more people, so that we can continue helping but also expand our work.


We would like, if possible, in future, to rent or buy appropriate space where we could establish a cat shelter (that would be a first cat shelter in Croatia). That would be the place to bring abandoned, sick and injured cats for rehabilitation after the surgeries and a place for stray cats looking for their new homes. This would greatly releif the burden from our volunteers who are, at the moment, providing shelter to these cats in their own apartments and houses.

Thank you for every share for each contact, referral or assistance in any form!

Love, SOS Cat team.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SOScatHR
Twitter: https://twitter.com/soscathr
Our e-mail adress is: soscat(@)soscat.net

Official bank account is opened in PBZ banka:

S.O.S. Cat
PBZ banka, Zagreb, Croatia

PayPal email for donations: paypal(@)soscat.net

Thank you very much, because even small amount means a lot to us so we can help as many stray or abandoned cats as we can.