Donations are always needed and appreciated!

As an all-voulnteer non-profit organization, S.O.S. Cat rescue needs donations of every kind.

Be sure, all donations go directly to the care of rescued cats!

S.O.S. Cat, Zagreb, Croatia:
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DonationsDear all,

There are a very few of us and we have reached a point beyond our limits considering our abilities and capacities.

We need EVERYTHING!!!  All you can give away donate, present, we need volunteers, cat sitters, cat feeders, cat godfathers/mothers…

We need your free time to take care of cats that are in treatment or recovering at stationary.

We need your gentleness and attention; we need cat sitters for cat mummies with kitties that don’t belong there. We need cat sitters for kitties recovering after surgical interventions or simply fosters willing to invest a little bit of effort and time to help socialize our protégées until permanent adoption. We would take care of all food, litter and vet expenses until adoption.

We need old blankets, towels, bed sheets and papers, because our protégées use them faster than we can wash or substitute them. We need transporters in any sort of condition, cages, litter boxes, bowls and any kind of toys.

And finally, what’s most important we need your help in paying vet expenses and getting food for sick kitties, kitties that are recovering, kitties at external feeding points and high quality food for cat mummies with kittens, as well as litter. Our cats are not picky; we would take any kind of donation which will be highly appreciated.

We will occasionally organize auctions as well, so you can donate all items that are still useful and could be interesting for buyers. Those could be various items for use or decoration, clothes, jewelry… if you have any surplus, feel free to contact us. We’ll be on our way.

We decided to do something about it, we established an association and we are giving our best, but there are so many cats in need and we cannot do it all by ourselves. We kindly ask you for help. Cats ask you for help.