Volunteers Needed: The search for people who would like to save and guard little kittens or adult cats in Zagreb, Croatia

Dear cat friends,  we need your help in every way we can get and the most by taking and keeping kittens until they are fostered.

It is a responsible job full of love, but the feeling that gives you when you save these little creatures is not comparable to any material goods, trust us… You are literally saving their lives!

You are their mom and dad through their lives and happiness.

As we have recently started to neutering / spaying and rescue cats, there we must admit that we have not enough volounteers and people still do not know about us so much that we could not cover all aspects of feline need… we need you…

Spread this request, talk with your friends on coffee and help us looking for good people to help us, so that we can help as many cats as we can.

Volunteers NeededWe will provide all necessary to guardians – toilet bowl, sand, food, milk, bottle – if they are very small, toothpaste worms, medicines and we will be at your disposal from 0-24 for any problem.

So we need people who have at least some experience with kittens, to whom is not difficult to separate a small part of your home for kittens and who have love and time to feed them, clean up their bed and toilet, to give them treatment if necessary (dripping eyes, a gentle paste worms or antibiotics) and of course to play and cuddle with the little cute creatures.

Of course if you already have cats at home then these cats ”natives” must be properly vaccinated and healthy to protect the small from possibility of infection.

And something very important for every cat will look for a home because each of them somewhere s waiting forever home where she will be an equal member of the family and therefore help us to have kittens in a safe place, fed pampered and loved as this home comes along.

Thank you for every share for each contact, referral or assistance in any form! Contact us here